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Bookkeeping by AI?

In my perfect world, a vendor emails a digital invoice, that invoice is downloaded by an employee into our accounting software, the software reads the invoice and Voilà! The invoice is perfectly recorded into the software. No manual entry. No waiting 3 days for someone to "get around to it." And if I am even more optimistic, the vendor actually downloads their invoice into the software for me. This way, my employees can spend their time on more productive activities like reviewing financial trends to make sure we are investing money with the best ROI, staying on top of slower paying clients so we always get paid, and staying ahead of cash flow bottlenecks so we are always able to maximize opportunities when they arise.

With AI, that day is soon to arrive. After searching for this solution, I stumbled across an article by LinkedIn for some top-rated bookkeeping and accounting AI apps. Check it out.

(Spoiler alert - The two apps that appear to do exactly what I dream of are and Both are under $100 per month and Booke even provides an email address for vendors so their invoices go directly into the software!)

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